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"The women's entry to the labour market has been the most far-reaching revolution in the second part of our century. In its first phase, this was accompanied by an embittered battle between the sexes, while women secured their new bastions. Many men who today are middleaged got some knubbing, which they never quite have gotten over. Some of the way, this was unavoidable costs, and it is certain that the development is irreversible. The women should not wonder that they must now also pay for the hard-won life style with, among other things, a falling life expectancy.”

The daily Information(Denmark), Editorial (16th of August 1994).

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The IASOM Newsletter Archive

The IASOM Newsletter Vol 1  No 1 Nov 1993  


The International Association For Studies Of Men (IASOM)

IASOM platform and organizational guidelines

The name debate

Jeff Hearn: Critical Studies on Men - Past, Present, Future

Research news

American manhood

An international study of men?


Who should pay for men’s studies?

The first Nordic men and masculinities conference:

Gender equality politics in the Nordic countries

IASOM questionnaire

The IASOM Newsletter Vol 2 No 1 Spring 1994

Focusing on men and social equality

UN conference on men initiative

Readers’ responses

Support The Changing Men Collections

John Rowan on The Horned God and other works

Swedish network started

Germany: Backlash or new horizons?

The first Nordic conference: Men’s Families

Humanwork no work?

Studies of men - Mexico!

Support from Italy

Norway: trade unions’ and employers’  views on gender equality

Debate: The authoritarian personality revisited

Michael Kaufman: Doing an international study

Øystein Gullvåg Holter: On the new authoritarianism

The IASOM Newsletter Vol 2 No 2 Autumn1994

IASOM priorities


Readers’ responses

Welcome, Spain!

Finnish network planned

“Labour of Love”

More on the UN conference on men proposal

New Norwegian gender equal status survey

Not-so-equal wages

Backlash or new horizons?

All along the watchtower

The name of the child...

Masculinity as spontaneous amnesia

The IASOM Newsletter Vol 3 No 1 Spring 1995

UN Conference on Women panel proposal

A Nordic Conference on Men

New Finnish network started

IASOM task groups and trial vote

From the editor

The perceived importance of men

Michael Kimmel et. al. : Panel proposal for the UN Women’s Conference Beijing

Calls for papers

Finnish men in research and ‘reality’...

Evaluating IASOM experiences after two years

Peter West: Why our boys are falling behind in school

Letters: On machismo


World Encounter for Men

Gender sensitive practice

Judith Stacey:
Scents, Scholars and Stigma - The Revisionist Campaign for Family Values


Approaching comparative studies

From the editor

Jeff Hearn: Current Trends and Challenges for Research

US: 200 newsletters world-wide

Brazil: encouragements

UK: A look at men’s groups

Former Yugoslavia: war atrocities confirm feminist views

Are men better business leaders?

Helping men change

Mapping patriarchy

Martin Acker: “The Good Guys ”

Øystein Gullvåg Holter: Authoritarianism and masculinity

The IASOM Newsletter Vol 4 No 1 May 1997


News from Spain

Mailing lists




Journals and newsletters

Lost IASOM addresses

Swedish government emphasizes men’s studies

In support of the Women’s Studies center

Norway: center for Women’s Research in Oslo becomes permanent

New IASOM members


From Merle Longwood

Sara Willott: A bit about my work and research themes

Gender research networks

From the GIER network debate


Germany: Dissens

Norway: Success for new father leave reform

New studies: Masculinity in business

“I did not really know my father”

Single mothers more violent?

Custody views

Joar Svanemyr: Young men's masculinity not a “reflective project”

Sweden: network newsletter

Men’s increasing proportion of care leave: Sweden

Segregation of communications


Project plans

The Bjerkealleen project, Norway

Child care and information, Norway

Research data base information

The IASOM research Project catalogue

Manhood's science....

Debate: Mythopoets and pro-feminists

Øystein Gullvåg Holter Men and business

Robert Connell: Australian research on men and masculinity

Sara Breinlinger: A UK study of men's feminism

International project debate

Øystein Gullvåg Holter: More on authoritarianism


IASOM Newsletter Summer 1997 update

Tim Rohrmann: Boys in kindergardens

The IASOM Newsletter Vol 5 No 1 May 1998


‘Random’ male violence

Mexican women call for protests against violence and assasinations

Abuse & silence

Øystein Gullvåg Holter: Men at war - or peace?

UNESCO expert meeting on male roles and a culture of peace

Special IASOM Newsletter on Men's Violence

‘Gendering the Millennium’

Research developments in Europe

New members

Iasom joins Sid

Søren Ervøe: ‘Moulding Masculinities’ - two volumes coming up

Guillermo Vilaseca: Men: a population at risk

Jeff Hearn: Getting Organised? The Politics and Organisation of Critical Studies on Men

European Union developments

Backlash tendencies

Social medicine needs masculinity research

Discrimination of men

The Manhood Compulsion

Men and peace

Jobs ‘work’ at home too

US: Pro-Feminist Men 2000

Us: Men and masculinities

US: The Journal of Men’s Studies

Europe: New overviews of research

Sweden: masculinity as a historical process

Turkey: European Council conference

Women: 35, men: 0

A new European profeminist network

A CD ROM on men

Womens World 1998

Hilkka Pietilä: Some main issues in current research

Øystein Gullvåg Holter: A feminist economy reading list

Debate: A first world conference?

Vic Seidler: Man Enough

Some gender wonderings...

Norway: Racism and sexism together

Australia: Male violence against immigrant women

Some recent dissertations

Ingólfur V. Gíslason: Changes among Icelandic men

Ingólfur V. Gíslason: No masculinity in Icelandic men?

Øystein Gullvåg Holter: On men’s freedom of positive choice

Membership appliccation and contact list information